29. 4. 2015

Sexy diet

7200421_blogEvery one of us, woman or man, knows that better feeling during sex is connected with good fitness condition. How can food affect our sexual appetite?

Avoid fat food

Food containing much fat can affect blood supply. That’s very important for men and their sexual performance. Limit sweets. Cakes, biscuits and others are not good for your body and neither for your penis.

Carefully with carbohydrates

Potatoes, sugar or white bread increases the blood pressure, but it will also make you feel tired in very short time.

Don’t eat too much in the evening

Your body will have lot of work with digestion of food and you with full stomach for sure won’t be ready for a passionate night. Evening evereating for sure won’t come in hand. You better eat something light.

Limit caffeine

Caffeine drinks will disturb your sleep and you certainly won’t be ready for the next day.

Alcoholic drinks

Yes, they can boost you and spice up the atmosphere, but they also have opposite effect very often.

Forbidden food

Never eat onion, cabbage, beans and other flatulent food before passionate night. Gas chamber is not the right romantic place.

Vice versa food, that will boost you up is:

Pasta and wholegrain pastry – increases perseverance.
Lean meat, eggs and vegetables (and all iron-rich food) – averts fatigue
Oily fish – increases sensitivity of skin
Protein (meat, fish) – increases concentration and your performance

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