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11. 6. 2015

Sex in Prague in summe

sex v praze v létěSex in summer in summer months is great from several reasons. One of the best is you can do sex almost anywhere since we’re not limited by cold weather.

In Prague there are not actually plenty of places where you could enjoy your sex outside and unseen. Anyway you can find few of these. It is very important to pay attention. Not only to be unseen by passersby (what might be intention sometime in case you’re an exhibicionist), but mainly not to be punished by police for having a sex in public.

If you’re having sex somewhere in the forest, where there are not much people, (some) policemen can be more tolerant. But in case you’re having a sex in the middle of a park and you don’t respect all people around you, the fine will be yours.

The disadvantages of sex in park or sex in the nature is insect. Someone may consider sex with mosquitos for a group sex. But it definitely won’t be much pleasure. Another much less pleasant problems are ticks. Besides they can cling to your intimate parts, there is a risk of serious disease.

During sex in park or in nature there can be sometime a sudden change in the weather. And besides sex in cold you can then treat a cold, flu or angina.

Anyway, if you decide for more intimate cuddling in Prague, you can try some of following parks:

Stromovka – plenty of space. During a day there are lots of athletes, but at night you can have fun almost undisturbedly

Sacré Coeur – there is not much place where to guide. Considering size of the park and amount of people, it is very frequent place
Divoká Šárka – lovely, secluded environment
NKP Vyšehrad – nice place, but in the center of Prague. It means plenty of people.
Modřanská rokle – pretty secluded place. It is more further from the center of the Prague, but the beautiful nature is worthy to visit indeed. You will have relatively great ease on your pleasures.

2 Responses to “Sex in Prague in summe”

  1. kubííík says:

    tak takovej střelec nejsem, ještě tak v autě, to zas jooo B-) ale sex na veřejnosti někde v Praze, nevim nevim :unsure:

  2. nikola says:

    za zmínku stojí taky Grébovka (Havlíčkovi sady), zvlášť večer je tam klídek a ten park je prostě krása!

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