4. 2. 2015


8736495_blogPolyamory from greek word poly – many and latin amor – love.
So it’ a style, when a person has a romance with more people.

Polyamory doesn’t mean only liberal relationship, or friends with benefits, but it has defined rules. The basis of polyamory is honesty, openness, trust and tolerance. All members of polyamory relationship know about each other and they also have respect for each other.

People can meet many partners in their lives. They can love them with all their positives and negatives, but they don’t have to have the same opinion on something. Nobody’s perfect, but thanks to polyamory we can be happier in a relationship. Because something, that one partner is not willing to give us, the other one will love to provide it for us.

Polyamory is mainly about honesty. It’s important to discuss what you want and what you expect from the relationship. All members of polyamory relationship should sit down and share their expectations. If they want to bring someone else to the relationship in the future, if they want to be intime with both partners, or only with one. It’s important to share your sexual orientation and specify the rules, that will everyone obey. For example no one will have sex with a stranger without other partners knowing about it.

In polyamory relationship, everyone’s equal, no one is more or less important. Everyone’s being loved the same. Every partner then should get same amount of attention. That’s how you preclude jealousy and shyness. In polyamory relationship you talk about everything, even about sex experience with the other partner.

Polyamory partners are not jealous of each other. Conversely. They wish each other love, amorousness and excitement. Jealousy is not a proof of love. It’s just a proof of low self confidence and fear of loss of the partner. In polyamory relationship, trust is one of the most important things. If someone’s jealous, it’s important to sit down and speak openly, why is that happening and find some solution. Self confidence is next important thing in polyamory relationship. Do what you like, appreciate each other and be happy.

Examples of polyamory:
Man + two women
Woman + two men
Couple + couple
Two couples + individual

Talk about everything, wish each other and love yourselves! That’s the only way how will your relationship work and be full of harmony and understanding! Doesn’t matter if it’s monogamous or polyamory relationship ;)

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  1. pepíno says:

    tomík, myslíš že bys to dal, jo? Představ si, jak místo jedný na tebe za prkýnko řvou hned dvě ženský :scratch:

  2. tomík says:

    a kde se hledají holky, co by chtěly žít v polyamorii? Já bych si nechal říct B-)

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