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3. 6. 2015

Gigolo prague – evenn women have their desires

It is not so usual but even women use services of proffesionals. Is it the same like with the opposite sex?

In nowdays women have the same position in society like men. They run businesses, they learn, travel… Model of woman like a domestic squabbles who has perfectly cleaned household and her the only live sense of live is to take care of her husband is totally lost. But this evolution caused one major problem – succesfull women are absolutely bussy and they have no time for meering new people. So they more take advantage of services of proffesionals aka gigolo Prague. They use them like a partnes to company, spending free time outdoor and in the bedroom.

What is the right gigolo is supposed to be?

A right gigolo is a man on who you wouldn’t even guess the proffesionality. Good visage, taking care of himself, regular visit of gym is a matter of course. But it is not enough for women. True gigolo should have a general overview and knowledge to represent his partner. In short, if a gigolo wants to bu succesfull, he has to evoke illusion of a perfect man. True gigolo is trying to find out from her client, during talking on the meeting, as much information about what she do, what she likes as possible. No matter whether you decided to become a gigolo or ladies looking for perfect gigolo, we wish you good luck.
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3 Responses to “Gigolo prague – evenn women have their desires”

  1. Ant says:

    Going to Prague on 15th November for 4 days and would like a male gigolo for wife

  2. Oliver_ says:

    Vše máš napsáno v prvním příspěvku …. ;)

  3. kuba says:

    rád bych se stal gigolem, poradíte někdo jak na to?

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