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30. 4. 2015

Do kissing not only May 1st!

5127403_blogIt’s 1st May, time of love. The woman who get kissed below flowering cherry, she will be beautiful, attractive and fertile for the whole year. But we shouldn’t hesitate till the May.

We are supposed to kiss woman below flowering sherry so she doesn’t dry. Her wetness during the sex is very necessary so don’t underestimate it. Even in another days. Kissing has only advantages. It is necessary to take care of women.

On lips there are hundred more times of nerves ending comparing fingertips. In addition during kissing you transfer testosterone to a woman which increases her arousal. You don’t have to kiss woman only on her lips. Fondle her erogenous zones during the kissing. Hopefully you’ll find a place below cherry to explore her body.

Kissing is healthy as well. Breath is increased during kissing 3 times. It assure a better input of oxygen to our brain. In the same time kissing increases immunity thanks to bacteria exchange. During kissing you even loses your weight which mainly women appreciate. Not only there are involved up to 12 muscles while kissing, but blood pressure and pulse are increased too. So body will burn carbohydrate more fast.

Gentlemen, don’t underestimate the preparation

Fresh breath is the base. Think about what you’re gonna eat during whole day. Toasts with garlic are not the right food to eat. Don’t underestimate morning hygiene and buy a gentle chewing gum or Tic Tac. Think about your shaving. You don’t want to scratch your partner with your “sand paper”. Gently shaving or few days old beard which already doesn’t scrub so much is the right choice. Be careful with perfumes as well. Your partner will be cooperating and return you the kisses. So forget spraying perfume to your neck. It really does not taste well.

Thing about softness. Your kissing doesn’t have to be like tonsils swabbing. Firstly use just a tip of your tongue and then involve it much more. But everything in moderation. Breaks are exciting interlude. Play with her. Short eye-to-eye contact will deepen your connection. By a gentle bites you won’t spoil anything.

Another facts about kissing:

People who kiss frequently less suffer by a dental decay.
Kissing serves like prevention of wrinkles in the face.
Kissing has positive effect to a memory, mental performance and concentration.
Kissing is good for your cardiovascular system and it eliminates cholesterol.
While kissing you weight lose. While having a passionate kiss, you can burn up to 3 calories per minute.
Kissing is more hygienic comparing to handshaking.
⅔ of people turn their heads to the right side.
90% of women are kissing with their eyes closed. It is 50% in case of men.
A good kiss shouldnť take less than 12 seconds.
People who do kissing frequently live in average 5 more years comparing those who don’t.

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