31. 1. 2015

Anal sex 101


Anal sex

Anal sex, or teasing of anal hole (erotic toys, fingers, tongue, etc.) is being classified as risky sexual experience. It’s being done especially between homosexuals. The difference from vaginal sex is that anal sex doesn’t have the natural wetness, anal sex is not hygienic, it damages the health and for most people is uncomfortable. Women are not really into anal sex, but men get arousal even from the imagination itself.

So how to do the right anal sex, to make it pleasant for both?

Take your time for preparation before your first anal sex. Start slowly and softly. First of all use your fingers, then you can start with dildos and finally you’ll get to classic anal sex by using your penis. Watch the reactions of your companion and try to make this moment satysfying for both.

As it was already mentioned, anal sex is unhygienic. So try to keep the hygiene on maximum. Don’t underestimate the option of depletion or enema. You shouldn’t eat few hours before anal sex. You have to be careful during the action itself, because there are bacteries in rectum that could lead to infection. Never insert penis into vagina, if it’s been in anal before, always wear a new condom, before inserting it into one hole or another.

Anal sex requires excessive usage of lubricant gel. Rectum doesn’t produce any secretion and its walls has tendency to get scratched and it leads to big pain. Lubrication gel lowers the friction and anal sex will be more pleasant.

Don’t forget that anal sex, thanks to sensitive tissue increases the chance of occurence of STDs.
Don’t forget to use the condom then.

Be careful, tender and thoughtful and you both will enjoy anal sex

3 Responses to “Anal sex 101”

  1. kuk says:

    partner moc toužil po análním sexu a tak jsme trénovali a trénovali, až nám to už šlo normálně. Ne, že bych si to nějak zvlášť užívala, má to vždycky spíš za odměnu, ale protože vím, že to má rád, tak se tomu nebráním… Nicméně pánové, buďte ohleduplní a nemyslete si, že je to hned. Když budete moc tlačit na pilu, partnerku nejspíš odradíte… :negative:

  2. NázorŽeny says:

    Anální sex nééééé.. :negative: co z něj sakra máte?

  3. dickens says:

    no jak jinak.. :bye:

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