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26. 2. 2016

Prague Adult – a place to have fun. At night (18+)

nightlife in pragueThe night is long and you do not know what to do? Would you like to go out but you have no idea where exactly? Check Prague Adult – a portal about night entertainment in Prague (18+)

What to do in Prague tonight?

With regard to nightlife, Prague offers the most possibilities in Czech Republic. It is just up to you in which way you want to start your night adventure.

Music club

Do you like music and dancing? Are you full of energy and you need to rage? Dance or music clubs in Prague will be a perfect choice for you.

In the center you can find unconventionally, but elegantly furnished music clubs, which will charm you by their appearance. Flawless atmosphere will create crowded and pulsing club in the rhythm of your favorite music.

Parties in music clubs are awesome opportunities to make friends and even relationships. Hesitate no more and go for unforgettable night life.


You are not keen in dancing, but you still, you would like to go to company of beautiful ladies? Then cabarets are the right choice for you.

Cabarets in Prague come alive after dark.and are full of life till early morning hours.

Prague is famous for it’s erotic nightlife. The most busy it is usually at Wenceslas Square, where there are big erotic clubs and strip clubs.

In strip clubs you can experience unique atmosphere.And not only when you want to enjoy view on beautiful, naked ladies. For example during a pole dance you can enjoy acrobatic skills of present girls. The view on their worked out bodies is a pure pleasure.

To enjoy visit of strip club at maximum, for someone it can be even good to know how (not) to behave in strip club. You can read more about in in article 4 tips what you should never do in a strip club.

Sex in Prague

Visit of nightclub or cabaret if fine of course. But not everyone has to be blown away from it.

If you belong into group of those who expect more than just watching from the night adventure, you are probably looking for sex in Prague.

Prague is full of sex. If you want to have sex, you have it. It only depends on what exactly you wish.

Escort in Prague

You have a place where to do it, but you have no one to do it with? No problem! Just order a companion and it is only question of time when you began to have fun. Escort girls will be happy to visit you in your apartment or in hotel.

Services they propose are just question of money.

Privats in Prague

There are lots of reasons why not to invite girls for sex to your home. If you have any of them, you have a simply solution . sex privat.

In Prague you can find smaller privats where only 1 girl works. It is usually her flat where she invites her clients.

But often you can find bigger privats, where there work more girls and rooms are used only for “work”.

Such privats you can usually visit at any time without making an order in advance and you will choose from girls who are available at the moment in the privat.

Or, of course it is possible to visit a website, choose a girl you like in advance and then, you make a reservation for particular time.


Not everyone is keen on night life only in form of parties and sex.

There are plenty of people who love money…All right, almost everyone does. But those, meet good fortune halfway, can use a possibility which night Prague offer.

In spite of last years there were closed many smaller casinos with slot machines, in bigger casino in Prague you can still find that type of machines.

Slot machines don’t have to attract everybody, but classical casino games like roulette, poker or blalck jack attract almost any real player.

And since Prague is the place where there are lots of poker players, you can visit even poker rooms. There you can usually enjoy both cash games and poker tournaments.

Visit Prague Adult to find places to have fun.

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