4. 2. 2016

Party in Prague

stag-party-pragueDo you expect stag party? Are you planning to celebrate a childbirth? Do you have birthday? nameday? Or you just want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your single friends?

As the saying goes, there is always a reason to celebrate. But not always you have to have idea on your mind how to think off any party. Especially when and where.

You might do celebrations frequently. Maybe in the same way. And it is possible, that it might want a small change.

If you don’t know how to enjoy the party, here are few ways how to do it.

Home style – playing games

If you consider stag party (or any other occasion) to be a duty, no one is going to enjoy it much. And probably, you’re going to end up doing any not demanding activities like playing table games.

Certainly it is possible to interspace it by drinking an alcohol, so if you take a swing, it can be actually nice fun. But anyway – with your friends, you can have such fun almost anytime.

Home style – flat party

When you have a huge , spacy flat, it is nice place for a party. Disadvantage might be your neighbours, who don’t have to allow you to celebrate to maximum. Especially considering loud music.

Anyway, to have have a perfect party, you can’t be satisfied just with your male friends. You have to have a bunch of girls there.

One possibility to get some on your party is to invite girlfriends of you and your friends. But, honestly, won’t let your hair down that much in this case.

And if you don’t have any female friends willing to speed up your party, you can just !hire” some. Yes, we’re talking about escort girls. Or , at least strip girls, who can boost any such party.

Party in the center of Prague

Prague is filled by night clubs, strip bars and another places, where you can afford almost anything.

From classical party in the music club, across strip show, up to visit of a cabaret, where it is only up to you how far you want to let it go.

In any case you have a huge choice, which is very important.

Advantage of parties in night clubs and cabarets is obvious. You don’t disturb anyone and you have everything as close as possible. Girls, drinks…just anything. The only disadvantage comparing to home parties can be price.

On the other hand, it is so cool when you can, once a time, perfectly enjoy the evening. The few bucks you spent are totally worthy. Especially when you celebrate an evening which doesn’t happen every day.

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