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26. 11. 2013

Criteria for Choosing Short Term Flats in Prague

hodinovy-hotel-prahaChoosing of the right short term flat is important to make you feel comfortable and conveniently. Whether you would like to variegate your marriage or find some asylum for lovers, you could follow the basic criteria.

1. Purity
2. Facilities and services
3. Discretion
4. Parking
5. Type of short term flat
6. Price
7. Short term flat position

Purity of short term flats

Changing linen after each visit is not a matter of course. Some short term flats in Prague guarantee replacement of the used linen after each visit. Another hotels change linen after visible contamination.

Facilities and services

Decide whether you only need a bed and a shower, or you want to enjoy a hot bath, hot tub or sauna. Refrigerator equipped with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, chocolate and other treats is a commonplace in short term flats in Prague. Toothbrush impregnated with a paste, shaving cream, razors, creams, condoms and sexual aids for intimate games are more extras. An erotic TV channels or DVD is offered.

Discretion of short term flat

You will not show your identity card and personal details in most cases. Anonymity is an important and sometimes it is possible to register the nickname, which is used on subsequent visits.


Where to park? Some short term flats in Prague offer discreet parking in the garage or in the yard.

Type of short term flat

There are many short term hotels with several rooms and many separate luxuriously furnished apartments in Prague. In the outskirts of Prague, you can also find romantic cottage for short term use. These short term apartments or cottages guarantee greater anonymity. You can avoid embarrassment when meeting other clients in the hallway.


Prices range from three hundred to seven hundred Czech crowns per hour in Prague. Some short term flats offer loyalty programs and discounts for regular customers.

Short term flat position

Short term flats are located in the city center and in the suburbs. It depends whether you prefer the proximity of your work, residence or favorite restaurant.

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