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25. 11. 2015

Orgasmus retardatus

opožděný orgasmusThere are many people who has difficulties with premature ejaculation. But, believe or not, problems have also those who have opposite difficulty – not to reach orgasm even after never ending sex. And just long endurance can be a an annoyance in the relationship in case it doesn’t fit to both partners.

Average length of orgasm

According to a study from The Journal Of Sexual Medicine from 2005 says that men who were diagnosed to have a premature ejaculation, were done in ca. 1,8 minutes. Average length was about 7,5 minutes. The second number sounds okay. It’s not flashing fatigue or exhaustion. But is sounds like not too long, but intensive and fresh sex.

But imagine, that you shall have a sex for an hour and…nothing. Yeah, it is fine you can change plenty of sexual positions, but you can do it in 10 minutes sex too. You don’t have to
simulate the whole Kamasutra in 2 evenings. It’s like with food. Degustation of 3 smaller dishes is amazing. You taste more smaller dishes and you enjoy the new and wonderful taste. But try to glut with some heavy meal for an hour. You can imagine that’s not the right feeling…

Orgasmus retardatus

Men who can copulate hours in row have usually delayed orgasm, so called orgasmus retardatus. As it was already mentioned, during this sexual dysfunction there is required very intensive and long lasting stimulation.

For girls who live which such a boyfriend it doesn’t have to be easy. Too much time spent in bedroom can be more frustrating rather than pleasing by the time. You can also forget any exciting and quick sex on public places.

However, there is possible solution. Or better suggestions how you can “speed up” your lover.

Boost his orgasm

Ask your boyfriend what he likes the most and what stimulates him the best. Then focus on those activities.

After longer lasting sex your vagina doesn’t have to be so tight as it used to be at the beginning of your sex. So ask your boyfriend to masturbate during the sex when he feels he is not stimulated that much. In this way he can determine himself the intensity and speed etc. He knows the best what works for him. You can also give him a blow job and fondle him all over his sensitive spots. It is also possible to use erotic toys for men which can boost his ejaculation. It can be for example tenga eggs or another sex toys. Just experiment and you will see it will get better by the time…

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