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3. 12. 2013

Oral sex and dental braces

girl with braces and loolipopIf you´re thinking about having a dental braces or you already have them, but haven´t had an oral sex with them yet, following article can be just for you.

Are dental braces dangerous while having a sex?

The most dangerous while having a sex are dental braces while kissing. And even more, when you´re haveing an oral sex.

But if you´re careful, you don´t have to be worry so much. However it´s true that wariness is very important. Mainly at the beginning, before you get used to it. And as soon as an oral sex with dental braces becomes routine, you won´t notice them anyway.

How can dental braces hurt you?

On the dental braces, there´re so called locks. A lock is glued on each tooth. Their edges are sharp, but they´re not so dangerous as a single thing. But in combination with a rubber band, which is fixed to each lock, you can experience a true hell – in better case while kissing. Since if your sensitive skin of your lips gets beneath a rubbeer band, it will press it to the sharp edge of the lock and you will not enjoy it at all – of course unless you´re a masochism lover.

Another danger while having a sex with dental braces – rarely, but more destructive – is ïn case when oral sex is provided to a man.

On each end of dental braces there is positioned a wire, which does have to be dangerous in a usual life – nevertheless it stick there up as a needle ready for attack. And if you do a blow job really furiously and uncontrolled, it can have very unpleasant consequences. Bear it in mind mainly in case you´re influenced by an alcohol or a drug.

In addition another risk while having an oral sex with dental braces is while providing it to a woman. There aren´t too dangerous cases, but unpleasantness can still happens.

The basic is – to shave, to shave, to shave. Since if your partner plays with your pussy, there can get a hair beneath the lock or rubber band and you will have very mighty……experience.

Hygiene is the base

Before having a sex with dental braces there is important (not only) a dental hygiene. By a dental braces it is easy to damage a mucous membrane (not only your but even your partner´s) and you can get an infection.

To your dental braces you usually receive a wax from your orthodontist which you can stick to your dental braces. But while having a passionate sex it can easily drop off. o it is not a 100% protection to avoid injury but it´s better than nothing.

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