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7. 11. 2013

Visit FKK naturistic party in Swingers club on 8. 11. 2013


Visit our Swingers club on 8.11. 2014, when we have FKK naturist party in Prague, which is determined fo all lovers of naturism. Entry for couples is CZK 300, and independent men have to pay 800 CZK. The price of entry also included a rich buffet. Independent women pay for entrance only symbolic CZK 50. For women we offer all inclusive service like the Finnish sauna, relaxing whirlpool and in our raffle you can win great prizes with the top prize Fucking maschine!

At this party you can enjoy the nude body painting, when you will be the painters. Colors will be available to all. The best works will be rewarded with a voucher for 2 inputs all inclusive.

As we have noted your interest in FKK and naturism, every Tuesday and Thursday will be about FKK and naturism in our club. We also want to present a special club cards, which make pulling into a FKK naturist club. Price for the pair is set to 1000 CZK for a year, and thanks to this, enter the following Tuesday and Thursday FKK party in Swingers Club Praha 1 will be released after only 200 CZK.

Club card is also available for independent men, for them it will cost 2000 CZK per year, and a single entry to this event will be with the card for men CZK 300.