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10. 2. 2014

Velantine´s day in Tantra Club Yulia Varra

We´re warmly welcoming you to Yulia Varra’s Tantra Club where you can celebrate Velantine´s day.

Here you can gladden your sweetheart with a tantra massage, which you´ll acquaint here.

If you come alone, we´ll have ready a Sex Dating for you.

We´ll give you a mask once you come, which will help you to feel more relaxed.

At our place you´ll be revealing a magic of tantra massage, take part in erotic competitions and have a flirt with beautiful visitors of our tantra club.

Onl at Valentine´s day you´ll experience a unique technique which will enthuse every man.

For the whole night you can enjoy a sauna, a pool or a private room. In addition a “Tantric Orgasm” from our great barman is waiting for you.

Prepare your Valentine´s cards in advance.

Yulia Varra’s Tantra Club is opening for you at 19:0.