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30. 9. 2013

Swingers style open wellness party on 10/01/13


Swingers clubs Praha 1 stands out of the rest of swingers clubs in Prague. We offer a wide range of excellent themed parties out of which everyone chooses his or her favourite one. On Tuesday 1st October the regular Open wellness party takes place on which single men, single women, and couples. The name itself sugggests that you can enjoy wellness facilities such as whirlpool on the party. Tongue-tingling champagne goes well with a bubble bath. You can also get unwind in a spacious shower, which may not only servefor the purposes of hygiene, but also to make your fantasy come true.

This swingers party is convenient for novices who have never put their foot through the door of a swingers club and would like try what’s it like. From 7.00 PM until 8.00 PM the entrance is free so that you can také a look around and decide whther you’ll stay or not. Don’t worry that you’ll be forced into doing something you don’t like; you’re on your own. If you feel comfy and would like to stay, the fee will be charged.
The types of admissions are as follows: all inclusive icludes refreshments so you won’t spend a single penny then. A COUPLE charge is CZK 1,200; COUPLE+MAN CZK 2,200; single MAN CZK1,000; single WOMAN CZK 100.
Admissions without refreshment: a COOUPLE charge is CZK 500; COUPLE+MAN CZK 2,200; single MAN CZK 500.