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7. 2. 2014

Swingers club Prague 1 and Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s weekend in Swingers club Prague 1

On Friday 14. 2. 2014 from 20:00 to 5:00 with live music.

What do you love the most? Music? Good food? Sex? Or your beloved one?

Whatever it is, visit us and you can have all in one time.

Celebrate with us a day of all in love. Valentine’s Day. During the whole night you´ll listen to a live music. The same one as on New Year day (those who were there know that it will be DUO CODA).

Since it is Valentine’s Day, we recommend to all representatives of the fair sex to dress some super sexy underwear. Or even anything else, something very hot.

You´ll see how fantastic you´re gonna feel while watching another men getting overheated because of you.

In addition, at midnight we´ll rate the best costume, who´s female owner will win a basket full of delicacy worthy 1.000 CZK.

If yu decide not to take any costume, it´s just up to you. But you have very special opportunity to shine like a star. So… :)

Když si žádný takový kostýmek nevezmete, samozřejmě je to jen na vás. Ale máte opravdu jedinečnou příležitost zazářit. Takže… :)

Don´t make any reservation to Valentine’s party. Just visit us.

Entry fee:
Couple: 1.000 CZK (no drinks included)
Couple: 1.50 CZK (all inclusive)
Male: 1.500 CZK (no drinks included)
Male: 2.000 CZK (all inclusive)
Female: 100 CZK (all inclusive)