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4. 2. 2014

Second candaulist swingers party in Prague

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On friday, 7.2.2014 we´re preparing for you already 2nd candaulist swingers party in Prague. This candaulist party is is the only of the kind in Czech Republic. We´re opening in 20:00 and we close at 5 o´clock in the morning.

Thanks to success of 1st candaulist party we´re arranging another another one. And we can definitely say it won´t be the last one,

What is a candaulist swingers party?

Never heard of candaulist party? Candaulism is called according to a king Candaulus who showed his naked wife to his servant, while the wife had no idea about it. Once Candaul´s wife caught the servant while stalking her, she gave him an order to decide to kill himself or to kill the king to expiate the terrible act.

Anyway, you don´t have to be worry about something like that! Everyone can enjoy the “terrible act” in our club in peace! :)

Do you desire for your wife to find someone else to have sex with? You have a great opportunity to ask her. In case she agrees you can solve a problem with finding her a lover. Just come to our candaulist party in Prague and you won´t desire for anything else anymore!

Candaulist swingers party – when and for how much?

As usually we´ll draw a voucher to Babylon aquapark worth 3.000 CZK.


Couples 250 CZK(drinks not included)

Couples 1200 CZK(drinks included)

Male 1000 CZK (drinks not included)

Male 2000 CZK (all inclusive)

Female 100 CZK (all inclusive)