15. 10. 2013

Saturdays at Darling cabaret

darling cabaret-prague

Saturday is the best day to enjoy a burlesque show full of sexual excitement. Darling Cabaret has therefore arranged an incredibly sensual whole-night amusement. No matter if you go out alone, with friends, or with your partner – in Darling Cabaret everyone will get his or her cookie.

Up to 150 wonderful girls whisk through the luxurious premises of Darling cabaret every night and Saturday will make no exception. Beautiful bartenders are ready to prepare the best cocktails for you and the lap dancers will give you, or your friend (in case you want to repay his kindness) the pleasure of a private dance.

The special Darling Cabaret program takes place on Saturday from 12.00 AM right after lunch. The highlight, however, starts at 10.00 PM with Baroque Ballet show – an ensamble of strikingly beautiful women dressed in themed, pompous yet provocative costumes. at 11.00 PM the Egyptians take over to perform thein extraordinary Ballet show with queen Cleopatra and her servants.The magic tricks lovers will have their time from 11.30 PM when Magic show starts.

After the midnight the girls will unpack their tight latex costumes to get you busy during their Darling Ballet show. Thirty minutes later Money Darling ballet show takes place. XXL show will be a thrill for those who enjoy the big beauty of curvy women. After that the time for Live Ex starts. I think we don’t need to make it any clear. The final ballet show is held at 1.45 AM and is tuned in the Whiskey style. And chat kind of a big night muld Saturday be without giving ment he pleasure of a girls‘ love – the Lesbian show stars right at 2.00AM. Then, a solitary girl takes over the stage and leaves all men open-mouth by her Autoerotic show.
The Go-Go dancers will be the last cherry of the Saturday-top performaces at Darling Cabaret.
So, are you in?