17. 1. 2014

Nude party in Prague tantra club

Each Sunday you can enjoy a great finish of the whole week.

For lovers and followers of nudism we prepare a nude party every Sunday in our Yulia Varra´s tantra club.

Forget for all day long thinking about what to wear. For this day, leave all your stress and clothes at home, in your drawer.

Enjoy the great feeling of ease and naturalism when nothing press you.

Have you ever drunk and ate with anyone at a party? If not, just try it. It´s awsome.

Besides a nature stay in our club you´ll enjoy an exclusive tantra massage and erotic games, which will be lead by an educated student of Julie Varra.

In addition you´ll see a professional striptease. Then you´ll try to dance yourself and in the end you´ll try to become an actor and actress in staged erotic performance lead by our female instructor.

Enjoy a beautiful end of a week and get filled by energy in our tantra club, so you can start a new week rested and sthenic!