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2. 6. 2014

Intimate relaxing massage

Massage was established based on the requirements of clients who are interested in massage centered on the problem areas of the body especially the neck , back and release a relaxing and intimate parts. I know that in many massage establishments to massage the intimate parts of the body do not operate , because these parts are often seen as places that are off limits. For me , I meet men who consider massage and intimate areas as an excellent tool to balance the body and mind. The massage is based on classic massage because the effects are very similar. It relaxes tight muscles and relieves stress and undue stress . It should be a pleasant and has you excited and bring to Your intimate life for something new . After this procedure, the person feels calm and pleasant mood. Sensitive touch trigger the release of endorphins , which bring a sense of well-being and overall balance. It is important to pay attention not only to the penis as well as testicles and massaged je.Varlata men are extremely important, not only are there forms of hormonal testosterone and sperm , which is necessary for fertilization. During the massage the testicles , improves blood circulation , thus improving the overall fertility , but it is clear that only a massage to cure fertility is not sufficient . The testicles also include the epididymis , vas deferens , which also need to be massaged.