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15. 1. 2014

Have first-hand experience of 50 shades of grey


Do you like a 50 shades of grey book? Would you like to experience any part of the book? So be it.

You just have to have imagination and vision. Just imagine what you´d like to experience.

Are you a great master? Do you order commands? Doesn´t your housekeeper listen to your orders? Tie her down, spank her and let her suffer. Once she is too noisy, get her a gag into her mouth. Punish her as much as she deserves.

Or is it you who is disobedient and needs to be spanked?

No matter how it is, in BDSM Studio Mystery you´ll find your cup of tea. So visit us as soon as possible. And don´t dare you to come late! Otherwise you get spanked so much you´ll never forget it ;-)