24. 1. 2014

Erotic sauna Prague


Do you wish to gave a girl wet without work and effort? Place her to sexy sauna for a while and you´ll see how she will get bedewed.

In cold weather, a sex in sauna will nicely warm all your muscles. And besides an unusuall sexual experience you strengthen not only your relationship if you´re in erotic sauna with your partner, but even your health.

A stay in sauna alone is a bit boring matter. But if you´re there as a couple, it´s great opportunity for ardent fusion of your hot bodies. Just try to control yourself with a sexual pace. Having a sex in the bed with room temperature comparing sauna is a quite difference. Then you could feel dizzy – not only from your beautiful and naked girl.

Besides sexy erotic sauna you´ll find an XXL whirlpool at our place, where having a rest is indescribable experience. Who has never tasted it, he won´t understand. You´re missing out on a lot.

Make yourself a pleasure and come to visit us to enjoy hot time in Sexy Sauna club in Prague!