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20. 1. 2014

Body shot in Extasy Cabaret


Do you like to drink alcohol from time to time? If you want to dulcify your drinking as much as possible, you should definitely try a body shot.

If you never heard a “body shot” before, don´t be worry then. Noone will shoot you.

Body shot is probably the best way how to enjoy an alcohol. Though in this case it´s a secondary matter. The point of body shot is to tast and savor a beautiful and juicy girl in a bit dofferent way.

You won´t need much ingredients for body shot. But not all of them ale always handy. So if you miss any, don´t hesitate to visit us. You´ll find the most luxury ingredients at our place.

A recipe for creation of unforgetable body shot:

beautiful girl
alcohol (mostly Tequila)

1) Place a girl on appropriate mat. If you don´t have a durable table, place her on the floor instead for sure.
2) On part of her body we´ll pour an alcohol (a tummy is the best part to drink from, on the other hand who´d resist a sipping Tequila from her breasts?).
3) Salt her slightly (warning – there are some parts which are better to avoid – salt is salt :).
4) Insert a piece of lemon into her mouth.
5) Consume as you wish.

If you´re not absolutely sure with preparation or consumption, don´t hesitate to visit us. We´ll be happy to teach you how to do the body shot.