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9. 1. 2014

Are you planning to visit a swingers party for the first time?


If the answer is yes, we bring you a small guide that will prepare you for a visit and that will explain everything you need to know about swingers club. At first, we would like to tell that we are really looking forward to your visit. We welcome everyone, regardless of age ( if you are older than 18 years), gender, or nationality. We try to find a suitable program for every visitor of swingers club, especially our Tantric instructors are trying to satisfy everyone.

From visitors of our swingers club we expect tolerance and respect for all participants of our tantric meetings. Below you will find some answers to the frequently asked questions. If you do not find your question here, there is nothing easier than to call our assistants that are in the swingers club Praha ready to answer all your questions. Phone number is +420 777 587 488, just say that you want to visit us for the first time and you will get an answer to everything you are interested . Now we are going to answer to the FAQ about our swingers club.

Are there in your swingers club any rules or restrictions?
Yes , the rules can be found directly on our website in the section “Club rules “. The most important rule is the need for democratic and respectful environment, it is not possible to do something which is not OK for the other person.

What should I take to a swingers club?
It is good to have your towel, slippers and toiletries. Anyway, at the reception you can buy for a symbolic CZK 50 a sheet and slippers and toiletries are freely accessible, so basically you do not need to bring anything. As for the clothes, our swingers club allows visitors to be as naked as in erotic lingerie or you have to wear anything in what you feel sexy and comfortable.

What about are the seminars in swingers club in Prague
Seminars are lead by tantric intruktors. Exercises that take place during the seminars in swingers are very simple. It is the sorts of touching, stroking, massaging the sensitive parts of the body, dancing and kissing. Just listen to our tantric intruktors and you will see that everything will be really easy.