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28. 4. 2015

How to prostate massage?

20150429140123We already told you, how to stimulate G-spot here, but how to satisfy men and provide them great prostate massage?

Prostate is placed right before anal hole and it turns around urethra. Area between genitals and rectum, that we call dam is in contact with prostate. Prostate doesn’t have only epicurean function, but it also produces seminal fluid. Massage of prostate and dam leads to increased sperm quality.

Best access to prostate gland leads through anal hole. How to proceed during caress of his butt and then during prostate massage. Equip yourself with oil or lube and you’re ready to begin.

How do we start?

First we start with classic caress of his penis and scrotum. We proceed lower and with soft and circular moves we massage the dam. That’s how you start the massage from the outside. Don’t forget to stroke your partner’s butt, anal and cosset the whole area and give it maximum attention. When he’s relaxed, you start with the oil or lube. Don’t save up and thoroughly oil it.

Slowly and very softly we stick the finger in. When we succeed we slowly bend the finger upwards to his stomach and massage partner from the inside. It’s very similar to massaging women’s G-spot. Gradually we can change pressure, speed or intensity of the moves. Very carefully watch partner’s reactions.

During prostate massage we can put pressure on the dam with a thumb, increase the pressure and also partner’s satisfaction. We can use the other hand on handjob or give we can give him a blowjob.

Be patient, it doesn’t have to be easy for the first time. This part is very sensitive and touches in this area are lot different. Don’t discourage yourself, soon enough there will be big cumshot.

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