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27. 11. 2014

Gay of the year 2015

15663738_blogGay of the year 2015

Few days ago there was hold a press conference in Prague on which there was introduced new charity project Gay of the year 2015!

What is actually going on and how the competition will progress?
How to sign up and become a new celebrity of gay minority in Czech and Slovak Republic?

Gay of the year is a new beauty contest which was established by Jiří Jarkovský with Jan Jakubec. The competition is long term any any man from Czech or Slovak can take part in.

Official start of 1st year was 20.11.2014 in a great style. In Prague Gay cafe Farrango there met plenty of celebrities. There was not missing even newly admited gay Jaro Smejkal, moderator Eva Decastelo, but even hairdressers Tomáš Arsov and Tomáš Kislinger and many others famous faces. Godfather of the project became moderator Aleš Cibulka and graceful lady Luba Skořepová.

Registration of participants will be taking place from 1.11.2014 to 13.3.2015. To the contest Gay of the year 2015 you can sign up via application form on the website. To sign up to the Gay of the year 2015 contest a participant must be aged from 18 to 45, has to speak Czech or Slovak and after registration till the finel must not record or shoot a porn material (porn from the past will be forgiven at the contest).

At the casting, which will be held 14.3.2015 in Prague, there will be selected 8 – 12 finalists. The top of the whole project Gay of the year 2015 will be final night at 13.6.2015 in Prague club Mecca.

I think we have anything to look forward to and that Gay of the year 2015 will introduce us many beautiful faces.

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