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31. 1. 2015

Casting for GAY OF THE YEAR 2015 is comming

29087353_blogYou’re gay and you’re hot? You love when you have everybody’s attention and you want to achieve something?
Don’t hesitate and sign up for GAY OF THE YEAR (GAY ROKU) competition! This is your chance!

14th March 2015 is the date when casting to the GAY ROKU competition will take place in Tomáš Arsov’s Hair and beauty institute. If you’re gay between 18 and 45 years, don’t hesitate a minute and fill in an application form to the competition at You can completely change your life.

What’s the process for casting to GAY ROKU 2015?

As soon as you get to the casting, the production will take care of you and you’ll get your serial number. With filled form the jury will call you in, and judges will make a little interview with you. You’ll get one card from them – red or green. The green one means that you’re in the semifinal and red means that you’re out of the GAY ROKU 2015 competition.

From all the gay semifinalists the judges will choose 8 – 12 finalists, who will fight 13/6/2015 for the GAY ROKU 2015 title. Right after the jury will pick finalists, they will have a photo shoot with worldwide known photographer and chairman of our GAY ROKU jury, Robert Vano.

Finalists of the GAY ROKU competition will be officially introduce on the 17th March 2015 in club Farrango, that is situated at Prague’s Vinohrady.

Final round of GAY ROKU will take place in Mecca club in Prague on the 13th June 2015. You can look forward to great moderators Jan Jakubec and Eva Decastelo. On the final night, in the jury will be Lumír Olšovský, Filip Vaněk, Jan Bendig, Michal Jagelka and other well known faces.

3 Responses to “Casting for GAY OF THE YEAR 2015 is comming”

  1. klára says:

    hohoho, na to se těším moc, gay roku je skvělá akce a koukat se na krásný kluky je moje oblíbená činnost :yahoo:

  2. dickens says:

    jsem gay a sem fesak.. panove, teste se na me :yahoo:

  3. Jan says:

    Gay roku? no páni.. to bude fešáků.. :yes:

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