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2. 7. 2016

Shower in couple

sex in showerDo you love relax, massage and your partner? Then enjoy a shower in couple. Have a rest and dedicate your time to you and your partner. How to do it?

Preparation called romance

If you want to enjoy just some quickie, forget any preparations immediately.

But in case you are passionately in love and you want to surprise your partner by something extraordinary, take your time.
Your bathroom is going to turn into paradise on earth where you will indulge to each other.

How to do it?

You never spoil anything with scented candles. You’d better choose some delicate fragrance compared to some heavy or too much intensive one. Just for case your partner is not too much interested in this stuff.

White wine will warm up your bodies and will dismantle possible tension, stress or shame. This applies mainly in case when you’ve been together just for a short time.

Seductive undressing

If you’re rushing to work in the morning and you can’t come around, a shower is fantastic thing to wake you up, but it also hinders you.

But now, there is no work waiting for you, so enjoy perfect relaxation in couple.

Don’t undress like a bee flies in your trousers. Do it slowly and seductively. So all “hairs” are erected on his body.

Soap down yourself

This is perhaps the most exciting part of the whole showering. Use a shower gel not only on your body, but especially on your partner and provide him a passionate massage.

Spread it over his shoulders and slide by your hands on his chest, belly, up to his penis.

Play and tease him. By this style you will get him into 7th heaven.

But, be careful, dear gentlemen. If you decided to afford the same to your partner, pay attention not to massage all the “chemical gels” into her “monastery”. You could easily bring about her unpleasant inflammation and infection.

Buddy the lubricant
Are you horny but it doesn’t “slide” that well? The reason might be the water. Which, paradoxically, dries you out.

Try to use a lubricant, which will make the job more easy and will assure you required comfort.

Mind the contraception
You probably don’t belong among those who doesn’t know anything about contraception. But what to do with condoms in the shower you say?
This is good question. Since in the wet environment it is not easy at all to manipulate with condom. Wet (not only) hands, everything is slidy…nothing comfortable.

But if you use another form of contraception, you have the problem solved.

But if you don’t want to refuse the possibility to use a condom, here is a small help for you – put the condom on before you have a contact with water.

This will avoid it’s slip down.

Be very careful anyway.

Clean blow job

If you didn’t enjoy blow job much in the past, you have a great chance to change it.

Since what place could be more ideal for oral sex then a shower?

Both of you are pleasantly clean, sweet-scented and you have perfect conditions to do it.

You don’t have to be worry to smear anyone. Shower solves this instantly.

So all excuses aside and hurrah for oral sex!

No time to shave?

Did you have no time to shave, but you want to look fantastic during “that”?

Forget perfection and let the shaving to be part of the foreplay.

Not each girl is so brave to cast away her shyness or worries from possible injury. All is about confidence and mutual agreement.

Have you not a partner for sex?

You would like to enjoy sex in the shower but you don’t have with whom?

Just check girls from escort or privat. And each of them will be happy to make your dreams come true.

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