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14. 3. 2014

Independent escort Prague, escort agency Prague

escort pragueEscort Prague excels in great availibility. There are thousands of girls offering Prague escort service. Thanks to that you can choose from really huge amount on sexy Czech girls.

Escort Prague can be offer to you by independent escort Prague or escort agency Prague.

Independent escort Prague offers a girl who works on her own. On the other side an escort agency Prague is a “broker” who can offer you selection of several (mainly Czech) girls.

Independent escort Prague or escort agency Prague?

The advantage of escort agency is that it has often available very beautiful girls. But it doesn´t have to be a rule. It depends on standard level of each Prague escort agency. At escort agency you can also order more than one escort girl in the same time. So if you want to enjoy an awsome three, it´s better choice comparing order of 2 independent escort girls, who don´t know each other.

You´ll probably want to use an escort Prague for sexual purposes. If you want to experience any special sexual practices but classical sexual intercouse, inform yourself in advance whether escort girl will provide it to you and for what price, so you´re not surprised later.

Escort Prague – special services

It is not a rule, but from “common” sexual practices from escort Prague there are additional fees for:

  • blow job with condom
  • blow job without condom
  • ejaculation on breasts
  • ejaculation on face
  • ejaculation to mouth
  • swallowing
  • anal sex
  • BDSM

A sexual intercourse without condom is basically impossible to have. Since sex with condom protects both escort girl´s and hers customers, i.e. your health too. If escort Prague offer you intercourse without condom, beware and think about your health.

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  1. tehreem quityz says:

    Hello. I want to some sort of questions!
    if I want this girl for a whole night and
    after that if i need her for some more time
    so can i get her with me continously and what
    will be the rates for that and can i get any
    sort of discount at this girl if u give me
    a great deal i will be your regular customer
    because i usually visit here for trips and buisness
    issues. Please reply me on my desire email.

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