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4. 9. 2015

How to behave in privat?

privat pragueYou might have experienced a sex for money so far. If it attracts you, you might find out in advance what to expect.

All privats are not always the same. There are girls who works alone. They have a flat where they invite you to have fun with them. Often it is necessary to make a reservation in advance. So she doesn’t have a client at the moment so you don’t have to wait.

Then there’re privats where there work more girls. Even here you can book a chosen girl in advance, with who you’d like to have a sex. However it is possible to come to sex privat without reservation and choose one of let’s say 5 girls who are currently present in the privat.

In case you are in privat where there are more girls, we have an interesting tip for you.

Yes, to select a girl according to her body or beauty is probably automatic. However it is good to consider how girls react on you. Instead of choosing any “Miss”, who looks so bored, you can expect her to act in the same way in the bed. So you’d better check for a girl who is nicely smiling at you. Very probably you will have much better erotic experience with her.

What to take with you to sex privat

Take with you just the most necessary stuff. Like money you will need for sexual services and possibly for some refreshment or alcohol. You should avoid taking credit cards and even personal documents.

They have of course condoms at privats, but you can take your own which are suitable for you. Condom at privat is a matter of course. There can not be expected any girl would propose you sex without condom. If this happens, there is a high risk that you get infected with venereal disease. On the other hand, surcharge for oral sex without condom is a common thing.

Prices at privat

Price for sex can differ a lot. It depends on how attractive girl is and what sexual services you choose. You should count with surcharge for anal sex or blow job without protection. But there are also privats or “happy hours” when oral sex without condom is for no extra charge.

There are erotic privats where there are girls working together. So you can pay for awesome three. And since girls are well coordinated, you have something to look forward to.

Safety at privats

It was mentioned several times. Take just as much money as necessary (not more). Keep your personal documents at home and keep an eye on your phone. It is true that in many salons there are decent people, but you never know who you meet

Regarding your own health – always use condoms.

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