2. 3. 2015


18203726_blogG-spot belongs to one of the most sensitive places on woman’s body. But where to find it and how to use it in your love life?

Woman has many erogenous zones and sensitive places, like clitoris, nipples and breasts, neck, earlobes and others. Men stimulates these spots and try to increase the woman’s arousal. But they usually forget about G-spot, or they just ignore it. In most of the time, because they don’t know where to find it. Follow the rule: “The one who’s searching, will find it.”

We can search for G-spot approximately in the second third of front side of the vagina behind pubis. It takes more time with some women to find it, but be patient. Lay her on the back, underlay her butt with a pillow and put your middle finger in the vagina. It’s the longest finger, so it’s easier to find it. Palpate the area of urethra and slightly push on the vaginal wall. She’ll feel it when you find the G-spot for sure. If you tease the G-spot and simultaneously clitoris, your partner can have very strong orgasm.

You can search for G-spot in doggy style position. Here the men have easier access to front side of vagina. She’ll kneel down and man stretches her vagina with two fingers and puts pressure downwards. He moves the fingers from side to side and up and down.

G-spot can swell during the teasing and remind you of erected penis. Don’t be frightened, be happy. Put more pressure on the G-spot and rub it. But every woman likes different teasing.

Pleasant searching.

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