17. 2. 2014

Escort Prague or privat Prague?

top-czech-escort-services-pragueEscort Prague and privat Prague are offering a bunch of beautiful (not only) Czech girls, who will be pleased to accompany you and will provide you an awsome satisfaction of your needs. Notwithstanding they offer almost the same, they´re a bit different.

Escort Prague

In escort Prague you can choose from average to beautiful hostess, which can cost up to several thousands Czech Crowns per hour.

Escort Prague differs in if you order an escort girl from escort agency or a girl working like an independent escort.

Usually escort agencies are financially a bit more demanding since they´re taking a commission from the girl, eventually they have to pay a driver who transports a girl to desired destination.

Escort Prague is more appropriate in case you don´t want to go to an unfamiliar area or simply if you want to have a great timem at home.

On the other hand escort Prague is not good to be ordered to your home if you have a family. Hairs, clips or even jewelery can´t be always controlled and it can be rolled away or forgotten in the inappropriate place. And uncomfortable situation can occure.

If you have found a gorgeous escort girl and you desire for her so much, but you don´t have an opportunity to invite her to your home, don´t be desperate. You can hire a room in a short term flat.

It is always necessary to contact escort Prague in advance and book an ascort girl.

Privat Prague

Privat Prague can be basically kept by any girl in her flat or house. However there´re privats, and there are not few of them, where there work more girls in one privat. Even simultaneously.

Once a privat is kept by 1 – 2 girls, it is usually necessary to make a reservation in advance.

In case of privats with more working girls, the doors are usually opened even to “passing by” clients. So it is not necessary to book a girl and in case of need you just visit the privat. On the place you´ll just choose from a present girls and you go for it.

Escort Prague – advantages and disadvantages

+ You don´t have to go anywhere. You can just book a girl from comfort of your bedroom and the girl will meet you there.
+ Sex in the place You like.
+ It doesn´t have to be only about sex. She can accompany you to the business party, theatre etc.
+ You can buy her company even for several days.
- It can be a more expensive due to a transport cost.
- You have to make a reservation in advance.

Privat Prague – advantages and disadvantages

+ You can find privats where you can go without making a reservation
+ Privat girl is usually less financially demanding comparing girl escort of the same quality from escort agency
- You don´t have to like an ambience of privat and idea that there were a lot of people having sex in the same bed.

Choose your privat or escort Prague.

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