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18. 7. 2013

FAQs about escort and escort service # 3

Is it possible to get infected with HIV or any other STD?

escort-service-prague-3Yes. But you can minimalize the risk by using condom and following the safety sex rules. Having sex with escort can be even safer than sex with a one night stand with „an ordinary ship in the night“. Escort girls demand using condoms whereas other women are less responsible about this. Moreover the risk of being infected by HIV is 400 times lower when having sex with an infected woman than having sex with an infected man. It is advisable to use antibacterial soap after the intercourse with an escort girl. The risk of getting STD from an escort equals the risk of getting STD from other woman. Anyway, grab for condoms at any circumstances.

What if the escort girl won’t like me? How can I compare to hundreds of other men?

You don’t need to be afraid as long as you are clean, neatly looking, and polite. This should be enough. Take a proper bath, perfume yourself and then just relax and enjoy yourself. Do not forget that above all it is your need she has to cater for. It is about your satisfaction, not hers.

If I order an escort for the night when the time shifts one hour back, will I credit from it?

That’s a shrewd question but, I don’t think so. Ask the particular escort girl, she may comply.

I found out my husband is going out with an escort. Shall I divorce him or not?

It depends on many factors. Is it the only problem in your relationship? Men usually go through midlife crisis, do inexplicably stupid, rash stuff and don’t think about their acting’s consequences. Still, we think that having sex with an escort is more acceptable then having an affair with a secretary. He won’t forsake you just because of an escort, he doesn’t seek a new relationship. If your marriage is balanced, the best thing to do is to forgive and forget.

You have to realize that human sexuality is complicated. The evolution has been running for billions of years and a human was not used to live in monogamy. Sometimes the self-control fails and one comes to pass an intercourse with someone else. Try to answer this question: “Is he a good husband and father?” If so, there is no need to make a big fuss around having sex with an escort. If you take a look from a different angle, it is not a big deal in contrast to abusing and molesting your children – that is a real problem. There is a row of other potential problems – addictions, criminal activity, maladies. Think twice before you establish the escort as an insurmountable problem.

Will my escort affairs affect relationship with other women?

Escort can even help you solving your problems with dating. Thanks to newly acquired experience with escort women, you will be able to communicate with others more efficiently. You will gain a firm self-esteem and self-confidence. You won’t be driven by the urge of sex that much so you won’t be pushy about making love to your date asp. Sex with an escort can also make you a better, skilled lover who knows what a girl wants and needs.

Isn’t it unnecessary to pay for an escort sex when there is plenty of possibilities to have it for free?

If you have a chance to have sex for free –yes, an escort sex might seem too expensive for you but, reconsider it once again. To have sex with a „normal“ girl can be more costly than an escort sex. Dating and gifts are not cheap. If your only target is to have sex, you’d better pay for it. If you long for an absolute love, fidelity, someone who will never forsake you – get a dog.

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