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16. 8. 2013

What is Sensual Massage

What to Expect from Sensual Massage

sensual-massageSensual massage is a kind of massage that shall enhance the intimacy of the meeting. Sensual massage mostly appreciate couples that have some relationship and perform sensual massage in their home environment. There is no exception that sensual massage could be done professionally, in erotic parlours or nightclubs. The aim of the sensual massage is to understand your body better, shift your relationship to the more intimate level and experience something really exciting. Sensual massage shall make the participants feel like new. One shall feel very contented and relaxed. Various massage techniques are used during the course of the sensual massage. The sensual massage is a blend of many different massage techniques such as Tantra massage, Thai massage, relaxation massage and erotic massage. The masseur or masseuse could also follow their own sense and invent and enrich the massage with their own techniques. Sensual massage requires some professional experience from the masseuses and masseurs, they should have some anatomy basics, should know how the body works etc. Sensual massage shall not at all be harmful in any way, it shall have a positive effect on the body and mind.

Sensual Massage Can Substitute the lack of Touches

You surely are aware of the essential function of the sensual massage which is the relaxation of the body. The sensual massage shall make the person feel perfectly balanced; it shall bring the inner peace. In order to reach such state, one has to stay calm and relax after the massage. In case when sensual massage is performed between the partners, it is important for the first partner that gets the massage to slowly get back to reality and then massage the other one. In case when the second massage was done right after the first one, the second person might not experience the same as the first person. Our body requires being touched. In case when one lacks the touch, it could lead to sensual frustration. Such frustration could be avoided or treated by the sensual massage. Thanks to the touches and sensual massage, the body feels more secure and the emotional state of mind improves. People feel more relaxed and get rid of stress. Physical contact and touches are the most important factor during the sensual massage. It is important to massage the body as a whole; some parts of body may be more sensitive than others.

More Facts on the Sensual Massage

Sensual massage requires essential oils or massage creams that enhance its effect. This closely relates to another kind of massage, the aromatherapy massage. It might sound strange at first, but sensual massage does not require the people to be naked, one can stay dressed. This might please those who would want to enjoy the sensual massage but feel ashamed to get undressed. Masseur or masseuse could also be either naked or dressed. It all depends on the mutual arrangement and what the participants prefer. The sensual massage could either be performed using massage tools that could make the work of the masseuse easier and massage certain parts of body more intensively. Sensual massage does not necessarily have to be performed on every single part of the body, it can also focus on certain parts that require specific attention and the effect will be the same. Very common is the sensual foot massage that might bring a real joy to someone who has a hard day walking. It is hard to believe that there are many nerve endings in your feet and if they are professionally massaged, it can fully relieve your stress. Another body part where sensual massage has a strong effect is he neck. It is a place where a lot of stress could get concentrated and, if massaged, you will feel relaxed. Nevertheless, no matter which part of body the massage is performed on, if performed all over the body, the effect is the strongest and the longest-lasting. There are no strict rules for the performance of the massage, however both masseur and the client have to bear in mind some basic rules and be careful. There is a certain risk with any kind of massage, some minor or more serious injuries could occur. In case when the massage starts to be painful, the pressure shall be less intensive and in case when sensual massage is performed by someone lacking the necessary massage qualifications, one should really be careful and do not apply strength and be very gentle.

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