10. 2. 2015

Technique of erotic massage

Erotic massage is not only about physical excitement, but it s primarily about psychic excitement. The main target of erotic massage is to release the sexual tension or to cause sexual arousal and culmination. You can get yourself an erotic massage in many massage parlors. That’s what our categories od Erotic massages Prague are for. You can choose there between classic erotic massages, nuru massages or tantra massages.

Erotic massage is being often underestimated, but it’s one of the most difficult massages. If you imagine that a complete stranger will bring you so much psychical and physical relaxation by the massage, that the feeling will overgrow into orgasm, then this massage can be considered as a top of the massaging art.

In history, erotic massages were always used to treat nervousness, migraines and other psychosomatic diseases.

We can consider nuru massage for top form of Erotic massage. This massage is often provided to men and exceptionally to women and usually from a woman. Nuru massage or gliding body on body massage usually starts with bath or shower. Then the client will lie down on wet lounger, then masseuse raddles the client with warm gliding gel from seaweed. After application of the gel, the skin becomes very wet and slippery, so the body on body massage can start. During the massage masseuse touches the client with her whole body.

You can even enjoy erotic massage at your home. That’s when the massage works as a part of a foreplay or as a finishing sexual act.

Erotic massage is often being done by massaging in the area of erogenous zones. Men are very sensitive in the area of underbelly, groin, inner thighs, scrotum and genitals. Women have more classic erogenous zones. The most sensitive are breast, nipples, genitals, underbelly, groin, inner thighs, area of the pubic bone, popliteal, legs, etc. Women are sensitive on their whole body.

The last part of erotic massage is often done as masturbation or oral sex. Erotic massage requires experience, because every body gets arousal from something else. We can also classify sensual massage and tantra massage as erotic massage. But these massages besides sexual arousal are for better understanding with the man, for his intimity, etc.

All erotic massages are very pleasant and relaxing. Relax and enjoy a moment on Erotic massages Prague.

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    že by erotická masáž na valentýna? počítám, že by měl přítel radost.. jen teď jestli se to snažit naučit nebo ho někam vzít :unsure:

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