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6. 9. 2016

Tantric massage is gonna catch your…heart

tantra-masaz-prahaDo you feel like passion is leaving your life? Or you just want to try something new and interesting? In this case, tantric massage is the right thing for you.

Thanks to tantra massage you can enjoy not only a relaxation, but also hot excitement.

What is tantra actually? It´s being talked about it, but anyone understand it in different way.

Is it classical massage or some new kind of making love?

Not even one of those alternatives are correct. Although they have something in common.

What is tantra massage?

Would you like to experience time full of peace, relaxation and incredible pleasing teasing? Then you´re in the right place.

Tantric massage is a massage of the whole body. So don´t be surprised when it´s not forgotten about your the most intimate areas of your body.

Some people are intercharging it with erotic massage. And there is no wonder. They are very similar, but also different.

While erotic massage is focused on physical side, tantra is more focused on mental state.

It doesn´t mean you would have less pleasure. Of course not. Both erotic and tantric massage will guarantee you your dreamed orgasm. Nevertheless tantra is a bit more special in this.

Not only it relaxes and regenerate your body. It also fills you with new, positive and refreshing energy.

Your mind will be in harmony and all your stress will vanish.

Tantra massage helps to remove pains and depression. Furthermore, you are going to be more vital.

Are there massage salons focused on tantric massage?

Maybe still plenty of people don´t know anything about tantra massage, but tantra massage salons exist of course. And not only in Prague.

How does tantra massage proceed?

Before massage itself it is important to talk with masseuse. It is only up to you what border you shall set up. It is about your pleasure.

To enjoy it at maximum, you have to be confident and relaxed. Forget about fear and shame. Enjoy your tantric moment. Dim lights, warm candles, erotic massage oil or exciting touches of masseuse will make you hot.

Tantra as a perfect prelude

For lots of couples, tantric massage is a final possibility to get well their partnership.

In these days, we have not much time for ourself and erotic and excitements leaks. This alternative helps not only to ourself, but also to our partner´s life.

There is nothing worse then visit of stereotype in your bed. Especially indifference is killer of partnership.

Afford to your partner time of passion and gentle touches. Inflame him by your hot kisses and strong embrace. Tantric massage can be perfect, unforgettable prelude.

Women finally experience their dreamed orgasm, but also elder gentlemen will be pleased by their unexpected erection.

Tantra is simply very exciting matter which can cause your orgasm without sexual act.

How to do a tantra massage?

Would you like to experience remarkable time with your partner? Do you have not a massage experience and you are worried about making it worse? Think positive. Just do it!

Firstly, induce a calm atmosphere, which is a base of tantra. Prepare candles, gentle odorous oils and dim lights.

If you are the romantic soul, remember flower leaves or red roses, which will make the atmosphere even more romantic. Your partner will appreciate your care. And you even haven´t started with the massage itself!

You will need for the massage some erotic massage oil. It is not an ordinary massage emulsion, because you can´t spread it on intimate parts, which are very important in this massage. So take care of correct selection. Since erotic massage oil is considerate to the intimate parts and you can avoid intolerance reaction on substances contained in classical massage emulsions.

Bear on mind that tantric massage will help not only to your body, but also to your heart.

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