17. 12. 2013

Prostate massage

prostate-massageProstate massage, or else the prostate gland. Only men have prostate. Sometime the prostate is called as a male G-point.

A prostate massage can be done because of medical reasons or for sexual pleasure. In this article we´ll engage only in prostate massage for sexual pleasure purpose.

Consult a prostate massage with your partner first

Prostate massage is almost anytime good to consult in advance. This is because there are no unpleasant surprises or misunderstanding in future.

If your female partner don´t want to grant you in this case, don´t worry. In the worst case you can ask anyone who offers erotic massage or tantra massage. Since there is usually prostate massage a part of massage process.

And if your female partner doesn´t grant you prostate massage herself,she´ll probably welcome this option. And if not – you actually don´t have tell her about it.

While having a prostate massage, a hygiene is very important

A man should defecate before taking a prostate massage, if possible. Or else he can use a clyster. Need for rectum hygiene we don´t have to mention I suppose.

A woman should have her nail cut so she can´t hurt you. There is probably no space where it is more sensitive then around prostate.

In addition she should use a latex gloves, or possibly a condom. Beside a better hygiene you gain a better scratching protection in sensitive areas.

Before you start providing a prostate massage

Before prostate massage itself make your male partner relaxed and bring him to the doog mood.

Nice touches, fondling, light buttocks massage or even gentle sex will help you best.
A massage of area between rectum and penis is very appropriate too.

Once your male partner is aroused enough and ready to go on, use a lubricating gel. There is never enough of lubricating gel for situations like that. Better more than less.

How to provide a prostate massage

Decide in what position you´d like to receive a prostate massage. There are two main positions. On your knees or at the back.

Before slipping your finger in a rectum, lubricate both your finger along it´s whole lenght and area around anus too. After that, very slowly, gently and carefoully penetrate to the the rectum.

Always point your finger towards a urinary bladder of your male partner. If he´s lying on his back, point your finger upwards. If he´s on his knees, point your finger downstairs.

When you have the whole your finger inside, you should feel a prostate – it is a walnut size gland.

During the whole process you can comunicate with your partner, or he can keep telling you whether it is pleasant for him or not.

While providing a prostate massage you can gently circle your finger directly at his prostate. Or you can go in and out while pushing your finger deep enough to tease a prostate.

During a prostate massage you can provide also oral sex. But be prepared for situation you´ll probably finish sooner than usually. Sometime it can happen that a man has orgasm just thanks to massaging a prostate – without touching his penis.

Prostate massage by using a sex toy

Prostate massage can be done by using fingers or with a special male sex toys. Those are not straight like an ordinary vibrators but they´re shaped. That´s why so they don´t have to be positioned into different angles to reach your prostate. These butt plugs should find a prostate itself easily just after plugging it in. Such anal sex toys you can find in any sexshop.

What you should have in your mind during a prostate massage

Primarily bear in mind that, especially for the first time, you have to be very carefoul and cautious. Take your time and perceive your partner´s feelings. If it is uncomfortable or even painful, it´s better to stop and try different position, or possibly postpone it for another time. There is nowhere to hurry.

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