25. 8. 2015

Nuru massage – how to

nuru massage pragueBasic terms:

Nuru massage is a type of erotic massage which is provided with using a nuru gel.

Erotic massage is a massage during which a person is aroused and it is usually finished by happy ending (orgasm is reached by hand of masseuse).

Nuru gel is a slidy gel which is made of sea weed called Nori. From Japan.

Nuru massage should be provided by at least physically fit masseur or masseuse. Since massage is done by the whole body and masseuse need to have the weight of her body mainly supported by her hands.

What do you need for nuru massage?

A pad
Very important will be the place, or especially the pad on which the nuru massage will be provided.

Since there has to be used a lot of nuru gel, it is almost impossible to do the massage in bed. In case you don’t want to wash it later. So you will have to obtain a special pad. Or at least plastic cover.

Nuru gel
Nuru gel lasts slidy for a very long time and it doesn’t get dry so quickly. For nuru massage it is a perfect lubricant.

But if you don’t have an access to nuru gel, try to find some oil at least. But you will need relatively large amount of it.

Before the beginning of nuru massage

Before the beginning of massage it is advised to have a bath or shower. So you hydrate your skin for a more slidy massage. Furthermore you will use less gel thanks to it.

A bath or shower is recommended for both massaged one and masseuse. It can be a shared shower of course.

If the massage is provided by someone unknown, for example in massage salon, at least you will get the feel of each other before the nuru massage itself begins. In this way it will be more easygoing and you get rid of eventual stress of shame.

Professional nuru masseuse will know how to fire you up in the shower.

Nuru massage

If you have never done a nuru massage before, have no worries. It can be a bit compared to erotic massage.

At the beginning you will lay your partner on the pad and apply on him enough of nuru gel. In case you use more of it, it is okay. The opposite case would be worse.

If the nuru gel is too cold. before applying, warm it in your hands.

Spread the nuru gel all over the body of your partner. Literally from head to feet.

Firstly, spread the gel by your hands, massage him gently at the beginning. Save your strength for later phase.

As soon as the gel is spread and your partner is ready for a wild ride after the gentle massage, you can start the real nuru massage, which is more difficult regarding physical demands.

Lay on your partner with all your body. Massage his breast by your boobs. Then follows his belly. Carry on downside, to his thighs.

Then let your partner to turn on the pad and do him the massage in the same way like a while before. Continue from his back downwards, over his buttocks to his legs. Then gently sit on his back, but support yourself. Depending on your weight estimate in what power you can sit on him. With your buttock, ride him from his back to the thigs again.

At the end you can turn your partner on his back and take care of his penis. You can massage him by your breast and by your buttock. Eventually you can finish the slidy massage by happy ending, when you can properly wet his penis by nuru gel. After the previous nuru massage his orgasm will appear very soon.

And if you have noone to enjoy this massage with, don’t hesitate to visit any nuru massage salon in Prague.

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