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15. 8. 2013

Massage of G Spot – Women Love It

What is G Spot and How to Massage It

massage-of-g-spotWhere does the name “G Spot” come from? The name is not derived from something exciting, something special, it comes from the person who discovered G Spot. It was a German gynaecologist Ernest Gräfenberg. He studied women’s excitability. His patients told him which spot was the most exciting for them. The spot that the majority considered the most exciting got the name G Spot. Since that time, the massage of G Spot has become the inseparable part of every woman’s erotic massage. Many people do not believe in existence of such spot. Others claim that this spot is the most exciting spot on their body. The question is where the truth lies. Majority of specialists agree that the G Spot exists and also confirm that stimulating of G Spot and massage of G Spot lead to ecstasy. In order to stimulate the G Spot well, one has to be aware of the anatomy of woman’s body. The G Spot shall be located in the first third of the vagina, on its front site, in a place where clitoris and urethra meet. Important is to note that the G Spot is not “a spot” as such, it concerns the area constituting part of woman’s body where there are many nerve endings. What is clear is that in case when a man performs a G Spot massage to a woman, she will certainly not object.

How to Massage the G Spot

Many men unfortunately have no idea how to massage and stimulate the G Spot. The men shall consider the woman as a whole and not start the erotic massage or intimate massage directly from the G Spot. It is generally recommended to start the erotic massage for women that will be focused on all parts of the woman’s body, not the G Spot only. The erotic massage for women is described in another article on our website. Once the woman is relaxed, you can start with the massage of G Spot and stimulation of G Spot. In order to avoid the unpleasant feelings or undesired rubbing effect, we recommend you to use a lubricant gel; silicon lubricant would be the best. Later you can move to the massage of vagina, petting of vagina, kissing, spanking and so on. All this is dependent on the needs of the woman, what her preferences are and what she does not like. Another step is the G Spot massage itself. Important is the right location of the G Spot. The location of G Spot is different with every woman; it shall be located somewhere on the inner side of the vagina, near to the belly. The best way to locate the G Spot is to put fingers inside and search for it till you spot the difference in the behaviour of woman. The G Spot massage could be accompanied by clitoris massage, this combination will surely bring a lot of joy to the woman, and she will be totally excited.

G Spot Massage Techniques

The techniques of the G Spot massage differ from woman to woman. Every woman is different and you shall follow her needs. You will surely do a god job in case you make the right finger movements. The G Spot massage shall not lack the gentle rubbing, whirling moves and you can also be done through applying pressure and that both from the inside as well as from the outside. Many women love gentle spanking or tapping on the G Spot as well as clutching and petting it. The other hand shall, during the course of the G Spot massage, stimulate the outer part of the vagina; it shall pet it and stimulate the clitoris. Once you learn that the particular technique does not have the desired effect, move on to another technique such as in-out movements of fingers – similar to the intercourse movements. The main aim is to observe the woman as much as possible, you shall see if she likes the massage or not. The G Spot massage shall bring pleasurable feelings. If you can, do use some erotic massage tools for the G Spot massage. Special erotic massage tools are even designed to stimulate the G Spot.

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