9. 9. 2015

How to find nice massage salon or privat

privat pragueNot only in Prague there are plenty of salons proposing erotic massage. And not always it is easy to estimate in advance what salon shall suits you.

Selection of masseuse/companion

It is obvious that in most cases you will search for gorgeous sexy girls. This always doesn’t have to be the best idea though. The reason in simple. Anytime there is someone who doesn’t display her own pictures on the internet. But fake pictures with attractive women downloaded from internet galleries.

This usually happens in case of escort services and privats. Naturally men desires for erotic experience with beautiful girl. So one of the most effective way how to catch a potential client is to attract him on her sexy pictures.

There is no doubt that the truth always comes out. Nevertheless girls blaming customers this way relies on the fact that if someone already visit them (often horny), he will be very disappointed, but he will think “when I’m here…” and he will deal with the fact he was blamed. Rarely he decides to leave. Maybe just because he finds it rude.

Therefore if you are not sure that girls present real pictures on the web, try to check internet for any real references and experience from another users, who already visited the particular salon or privat before.

Appearance of salon

Besides masseuse, you will be probably probably interested in in what environment you will be massaged. It may not comes on your mind before the massage salon selection, but you will have much better experience in clean, cozy, scented place than in any old, dirty room.

The exterior of building is not so important. We have experience with that building looked very ugly from outside, but the interior was so splendid. So don’t hesitate to explore the website, eventually ask provider to send you pictures of the interior where you can have a massage. You can get an important idea about the salon even before you step in.

Service prices

Last but not least you will be interested in prices of proposed services. Regarding privats, which have prices mentioned on their sites – in major cases it is for classic sex with condom. Unless otherwise stated, for blow job, anal sex and another extra services like that, you will have to pay additional money.

Certainly it is good to ask about price in advance. So you are not surprised once you arrive on the place.

Salon distance

Probably you don’t want to travel to the salon half a day in situation when you can get the same service near the place you are at the moment.

For obvious reasons massage salons and privats don’t state their exact address on the site. But they will propose it to you on request. So if you don’t know where the salon is located, you’d better call and ask them in advance. To avoid finding perfect girl and after a reservation you find out the transfer will last 10 more times than the massage itself. To search a privat or salon according to it’s location, you can use an Prague erotic map.

Final advice

Especially to privats and erotic clubs take just as much money as you need. Places related to erotic and sex have common not only desire for pleasure, but also desire for money. Who knows who you can meet in neighborhood of such areas. So if it happens and would have robbed you, so it doesn’t cost you more than necessary.

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