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18. 7. 2013

How I Enjoyed A Nuru Massage in Prague

nuru-massage-pragueToday’s entry tells about a first-hand experience of a man who tried nuru massage Prague. He shared his feelings about it with us.

What is nuru massage Prague?

Nuru massage Prague is a sensual body-to-body massage with both the massaeuse and the customer naked. It all starts off by applying special nuru gel, a gel after which this massage is named after. At the beginning, nuru massage resembles a classic massage but, after a short time it gains momentum and the masseuse starts to slide up and down naked all over your body. She doesn’t skip any part of your body – including the penis. The massage is carried out by sensuous moves and it takes as much time until the customer is fully satisfied. In a commercial massage salon the roles are clearly set, with the masseuse playing the dominant role. The customer is only a passive reciever. If the nuru massage Prague is done in privacy, the massage may become more flexible and the roles might be changed. This makes nuru massage Prague even more thrilling and exciting and I am hoping for it for my next nuru massage.

I enjoy nuru massage regularly

I fell in love with nuru massage right after my first experience. Honestly, I can’t say there is anything better than this, the feelings it arouses are worth millions. I’d tried couples of salons, couples of masseuses before. Some of them were better, some of them worse. But nuru massage is now my favourite one and I think it will stay like this. I am sure you will love it, too. Upon the first visit to a nuru salon I felt a little nervous and ill at ease but, all these feeling drifted away right after the beautiful masseuse showed up. She was very nice and pro. She said her name was Linda and told me what nuru massage is about and asked if I am ready for it. Despite being nervous I started to feel escited for the massage. So I said “Yes, I am.” Then we went to take a shower together.

Plasures of nuru massage Prague

The pleasure starts right in the shower. Linda rubbed my back and her touches were very engaging. I could’nt wait for the massage to begin and I think it was very evident. After the shower Linda wrapped me into a towel and told me to follow her into the massage room. The look at her perfect, naked body was electrifying. The room was rather simply furnished and there was a huge rubber matras lying on the floor. The heating was turned up. Linda explained that it is because the nuru gel gets sticky and loses its characteristics in low temperatures. First she rubbed my body with nuru gel and then she spread it over hers. The softness of her hands and touches made me feel I was in paradise. I got utterly relaxed and started to enjoy the massage to the fullest. Linda’s pace was light, she was very yensible and sensuous. The touch receptors in my skin were all fully conscious, eagerly waiting for more. At that time I already knew that nuru massage is something that I will never forget. Then she laid down on me sliding there and back. It was extatic. Nuru massage Prague is a life experience that every man should try. I am hundred apercent sure it will get you!

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