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18. 7. 2013

Erotic Massage Prague – ordering by phone

erotic-massage-prague-orderOrdering an erotic massage is like making an ordinary phone call, yet You as a client or the masseuse may feel slightly ackward. Here are some simple rules to follow:

1) Read the advertisement carefully before you dial the number

This is the alfa rule that is neccessary to take in account. And it is pretty easy to do so – read the erotic massage advertisement carefully prior to your call. If there is some info considering the way you ought to make the order, follow it. Go through the services that are offered by the respective erotic massage salon and take a glimpse at its rating. If you decide on a particular girl, remember her name in order to avoid an embarassing situation. Plus You will make an impression. If you want to make even a greater impression, use a chuck of text from her advertisement, e.g. “I am really looking foreward to your soft hands to pamper me, lady Mia.” This will surely encourage her attention to your demands.

2) If not sure about erotic massage terms, google them!

If you are reading an erotic massage advertisement and are not sure what exactly it is about, google the terms. It is as easy as pie. You will precisely know what the masseuse offers and therefore what to expect. The old good saying “There is no shame in not knowing.” does not apply on erotic massage salons. Avoid booking services you actually are not interested in.

3) Don’t be a nosy parker

If you have already booked a massage, there is not space for other discussion. Do not try to go on with the call by forcing the masseuse into lewd and obscene conversation. Do not ask her immoral or nosy questions. You can spend a word or two on a weather smalltalk or holiday. Do not ask her personal questions otherwise your booking can be cancelled. Be nice, respectful and pro and you won’t spoil anything. Do not ask such questions when meeting in person afterwards, you would ruin the whole concept of the massage.

4) Book an exact term in advance

With erotic masseuses it does not work the same as with haidressers – the massage should be scheduled a few hours or day in advance, not 30 minutes like at hairdresser’s. The erotic masseuse need to get ready to do her job – taking a shower, shaving, choosing lingerie and make up takes some time. Be patient, it’s worth waiting.

5) Masseuses do care about their safety

Some of the maseuses prefer to have a nice smalltalk upon the ordering, some of them require much more confidence before they please you with an erotic massage. Some will demand to know some personal details like your name and surname. Be helpful and tell it to them. It is only a matter of their own safety, be sure they will not spill beans about Your visit to the erotic massage salon. The masseuse doesn’t want you to give away either. The feeling of being safety and discreet enhences the quality of the massage. Moreover, if you “pass the confidence test”, the masseuse will commend you to your colleagues.

6) Never haggle about the price of the erotic massage

If You do not find out about the price in the advertisement, ensure you have enough money on you. Take cash, rarely will you find an erotic massage Prague salon accepting credit cards. Never negotiate about the price the masseuse sets. It is unprofessional. If she agrees, the quality of the massage will decrease. For a generous client the door is always open.

7) The masseuses appreciates gentlemen’s attitude

If you want the masseuse to be at her best, be a real gentleman. Be respectful, charismatic, enchanting, calm and neat. The masseuse will you back for it.

8) Living up to expectations

An erotic massage differs from massage to massage. If you ever have experienced one, do not expect the following one to be the same unless you stay loayl to the same masseuse. Every masseuse has different habits. Less expectations make more surprise. Even experienced men might be struck by the masseuses’ ability – relax and be open.

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