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21. 10. 2016

Erotic massage for women [HOW TO]

erotic massage in pragueNot only in Prague, there are plenty of massage salons proposing erotic massages. In most cases it means erotic massages for men, although it is not mentioned anywhere.

One may wonder why women don´t visit erotic massage salons so frequently. Maybe they are shy. Are they more conservative in this way? We have also opinion from one of you saying you can arrange erotic massage for free and simultaneously they may find it weird that they have to pay money for man touching you.

No matter how it is, even free massage doesn´t have to be the best choice in case man doesn´t know how to do it well.

At the beginning it is good to say that you don´t have to be professional to satisfy your wife or friend. Definitely, frat advantage is when there is pleasant or even intimate relationship. Since woman can relax much more and enjoy the erotic massage by all her mind and body.

You also don´t have to know anatomy of human body. Of course you should know where you can use more power while pressing particular body part without causing any pain. But hopefully most of you knows it.

Suitable location:

For effective erotic massage it is good to choose some calm place, where you won´t be disturbed. To evoke the atmosphere, you can play some relaxation, or other music which is pleasant for both of you.

Another element to maximize relaxation are incenses or aroma lamps. Definitely, it is good to talk about it in advance if it is okay for both of you. Cause someone might find it unpleasant or even repulsive.

Beginning of massage:

Once everything is ready, you can just lay your partner on appropriate pad. The most often it will be bed or mattress. During erotic massage, it is very suitable when both of you have just underwear. Or if you are naked. It cubes the atmosphere of erotic massage.

As a basic technique you can use fondling. It is great to use it at the beginning of massage. Since after using “more intensive” techniques, surface of your body won´t be so sensitive and your partner doesn´t have to have so nice feelings like it would be just at the beginning of massage.

So, put her down and start to fondle her. You can begin to fondle her all over her back. Take your time. During erotic massage, especially considering women it applies that journey is the goal.

After fondling you can very gently scratch her. By the tips of your fingers/nails you can ride over her back. From the neck to the buttock.

Lubricate sufficiently

During any massage, especially the erotic one, do lubricate sufficiently. You can select from wide offer of massage emulsions and oils. And if you´re worried about artificial substances which massage gels may contain, don´t hesitate to use a coconut oil. It is natural lubricant and it is slidy for a long time. So erotic massage will be pleasant and safe.

After the body is massaged well, it is time to check a spot which has been hidden to your touches so far.

Move your fingers towards lap of your partner and fondle her gently on this spot. Soft massage is very pleasant in the upper inner part of her thighs.

The end of massage of intimate parts will depend on agreement with your partner. According to what she does (not) allow to you.

Some girls or women prefer external stimulation, others prefer internal stimulation. Or both. For external stimulation of vagina, put enough of lubricant on your palm and begin the massage by gentle gyration. For internal stimulation, softly insert a finger or two and gently massage her vagina walls.

In this part, it depends a lot on how much you know your partner. You should do the massage instinctively. If you hear your partner sigh, you´re doing it well.

Be cautious during vagina massage

In case you accidentally notice the massage is unpleasant for her, try to do something differently. Or just ask directly if it is not pleasure for her. Noone is perfect. And thanks to feedback you will become experienced erotic masseur very soon.

After the massage, you can keep your partner to relax or to wash her nicely.

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