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17. 8. 2016

Erotic massage for men [HOW TO]

czech massageErotic massages could be defined as massages which serve for deep relaxation and are in many cases finished by orgasm. Although “finished” doesn´t have to be correct word. Since considering erotic massage it doesn´t apply that orgasm means the end od massage.

Conversely, after climax the masseuse may calm down a pace and keep taking care of a man. So you can easily relax in a nice way.

But let´s take is step by step. Let´s talk about how massage is actually done. It is easy way which any girl can manage. So if you want to make your partner happy, keep reading.

What do you need for erotic massage?

Especially a calm place when no one can disturb you. Not by anyone´s presence and noise. You should feel maximal comfort during erotic massage.

Someone might prefer absolute silence. But calm or relax music is always nice in the background.

Massage bed or futon is perfect for erotic massage. In massage salons you can frequently see them using futons or mattress on the floor. You can also use an exercise pad. It depends on what your partner prefers. If soft or hard surface.

Some lubricant also can´t be missing when doing massage. If you don´t have massage emulsion or oil, body milk will also do the job. It´s better than to do massage on dry skin. In the worst case, you can use olive oil. But the main problem is that it´s a bit messy and not easy to remove it from your back.

Beginning of erotic massage

You can have a mutual shower with your partner befor massage itself. You often have this possibility in erotic salons. So why not to have it at home, too.

After the shower or bath, dry your partner and lay him down on the pad. You can begin with back massage. (There are no limits in your fantasy, so you don´t have to strictly start with back, nbut with any body part.)

The erotic massage

Head massage

Until you don´t have oil on your fingers, you can start with head massage. Since it´s not easy to get the oil from longer hairs. You can also buy a “head scratcher”, but we´re sure your partner will be satisfied with your nimble fingers.

Pull your fingers into your partner´s hairs and massage him gently. For most of people it is very pleasant experience. So if you haven´t tried it yet, you don´t know what you´re missing.

Once you´re done with head massage, you can move down.

Massage of back body part

Drop him enough oil on his back or massage emulsion. And just a small recommendation. If you´re enjoying the massage in cold times like winter and such, remember to warm up the oil in your palms. Since freezing gel on hot body doesn´t have to be so pleasant for everybody.

After lubrication application on his back, start to spread it by gyration movement. By your palms and fingers, gently massage his neck. From the neck part, move down to trapezius muscle. For more effective trapezius massage, focus on each side with both of your hands.

Carry on to lower parts. But take your time. There is nowhere to hurry. Let your partner to relax and pamper him.

From his back, you can move to his feet and massage them. But, be cautious if your partner is ticklish.

After a gently feet massage, do a massage of his calf. Massage them gently and smoothly. It is very pleasant. Do the same for thighs.

Remember to add oil continuously. The more, the better.

Once you quit with leg massage, don´t miss the buttock massage. Buttocks are big muscle part so don´t be worry to press this part a bit more.

As soon as you´re done here, it´s time t
o turn your partner and check him from the other side.

Frontal body massage

Put him some lubricant on the chest. Fondle him by both hands on his chest and then move to his shoulder. Later on, carry on to his biceps and triceps.

Via forearm, you reach his palms and fingers. Don´t miss them.

Before you start with the most intimate part of your partner, you can devote same time to his chest. Especially kniples. If you tease his kniples by your slidy fingers, it will arouse him so much.

Once he is ready enough, you can move down.

By moving via his tummy, you get there where he wants you to have for a long time.

Penis erotic massage

You don´t have to start with penis massage actually. Just take your time. It will be even more intensive for your partner later.

Massage the area around his penis. Inner side of his thighs, groins and his balls.

If you do this, your partner will be on fire. His desire for your touches “in his spot” will be incredible.

Put enough oil in your hands and start to massage “him” by long, slow movements. According to it´s size even by both your hands. Also, delightful is combination when you do massage by one hand, while playing with another hand with his balls.

In later phase, you can also do massage prostate to make the experience more intensive. But if you have never done it before, we recommend you to start with external prostate massage. Which means you will massage your partner in the spot between anus and balls.

The time you dedicate to penis massage depends on you. Or maybe on your partner and his time he can take before huge orgasm wave.

As soon as you bring him about happy ending, don´t stop immediately. After the massage, it will be very pleasant if you play with him a while. Caress with his penis and balls. In this way you provide him long, lovely and pleasant erotic experience and prolonged orgasm, which he will definitely want to repeat. And, maybe, he will provide you erotic massage in return.

You say yo have noone to make your day happy? Nevermind. For this case here are experienced masseuses who will be happy to take care of you. They are professionals. So your experience will be unforgettable.

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