28. 4. 2016

Czech massage

czech massageWhat exactly is Czech massage?

Actually it is erotic massage provided by czech girl or boy.

Let’s say in this case the Czech erotic massage will be provided by a masseur to a woman (it only depends on your choice).

Erotic massage begins by undressing

Imagine you come to massage salon. You go to a cloakroom. There you just undress and you go to lie on the massage table.

Firstly, you lie on your belly. Then Czech massage starts by your lubrication. So it is as much pleasant as possible.

The masseur takes an oil and spill in on your naked body. He spread it all over your back, buttock legs, arms and also neck.

There he will start. He gently rubs your your neck. Slowly goes to the left and to the right to massage your arms and hands.

He continues on your back. Gently, but still firmly he massage your back.

Even your botty will enjoy the massage

After your back are relaxed, he continues towards your botty.

There he stays for a while to make you lovely pleasure. You have so much nerve endings there which allows you feel joy in your brain.

After this lovely spot, he carries on down, towards your feets. On the way he massages your tired thighs and legs.

Once your back side is pleased by massage hands, you turn your body and lie on your back.
Czech massage then continues in more erotic way.

The masseur starts to play with your boobs, giving them gently massage at the beginning. But few minutes later, after your breasts are not so sensitive, he does it more properly.

If you are wet down there, massage was well done

Lately, once your pussy is wet from both massage oil and your arousal, massage moves to your lower parts and by his dexterous fingers, he gently massage your labia.

While his fingers do circling moves, you wish to feel them inside.

That’s what happens just a while later.

His fingers, all wet from your pussy juice, easily slips into your soft pussy.

His fingers go in and out. Very slowly at the beginning. Gently satisfying your vagine from inside.

During this Czech massage, masseur will also tease your clitoris and breast in the same time.

Even if you usually can’t reach your orgasm, Czech massage can change this.

Give it a chance and you’re gonna experience a miracle.

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