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1. 8. 2014

Swingers party: a place of sin and fun

swingers pragueDo you consider swingers party for solely simple-minded society where everything is just about sex? We’ve asked a couple who consider swingers party for the best fun. You will be really surprised what benefits they brought to their relationship from swingers party visit.

My wife invidet me to swingers party: I was shocked

“We’ve been together with martina for 8 years and stereotype did it’s trouble. A spark of love was slowly going down and both of us had no will to bring it to life again. Till the time Martina came with idea we should try something new and not traditional in sex . I was trilled and agreed. I was awaiting offer of anal sex or something like that, but Martina had really specific thing on her mind – a swingers party”, Michal (33) says.

It sounds incredibly, but swingers party saved out relationship

“I felt that from our relationship the love was disappearing and I needed to be sure that we love each other with Michal. Even in a bit boring way. I wanted to know if I am jealous to Michal when he touches the beautiful and unknown beauties. And I wished to see his reaction once I’m seducing a handsome boy. And this I could find out just at the swingers party. Jealousy cought us basically immediately. We did a wild kisses, hungry touches and sex which was really extraordinary. For such hot and explosive sex I won’t forget easily and I think that we owe to swingers party rescue of our relationship. Since that time from our bedroom can be heard love moans instead of snoring. Our relationship found a new, correct way and nicely wild tempo. We take part in swingers parties relatively often and with pleasure, because we always meet amusing people there who has great life stamina and, what is important, they inspire us in many ways.”
Martina, 30 years.

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