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16. 8. 2013

Striptease Prague – Pole Dance, Striptease and Beautiful Women

The Word “striptease” and its History and Meaning

striptease-pragueThe word stripteasecomes from the English word of the same spelling and pronunciation and stands for slow removal of clothing in front of the audience in order to make the audience excited. Striptease could be performed by one or more persons at the same time, either men or women. Striptease Prague is almost always accompanied by music and the fact that the striptease performerperforms to some kind of choreography is no exception. The striptease choreography is usually simple and short. We can call it a certain form of a dance. The strippers style themselves into certain role i.e. policewoman or nurse. Male strippers often act soldiers, policemen or workers. Consequent stripping leads towards a complete nakedness. Men or woman performing the striptease is called a stripper. We know both male striptease and female striptease.  

History of Striptease and its Today’s Form

People’s Almanac Magazine reports of the first public striptease to date back to the 19th century. The first striptease ever to be performed in public should have been performed in France, in Paris in particular. First striptease was a domain of women only, later on the male striptease started to gain on popularity. The majority of striptease performances take place in the nightclubs or cabarets. Special strip clubs or strip bars are also known. It is more and more frequent that the prostitutes make use of striptease when establishing contact with their client. Striptease stimulates the client perfectly. Striptease could represent an ideal birthday present when having some male party. It can also serve as an exceptional and untraditional present for the person who celebrates birthday. Striptease very often makes an excellent entertainment for stag parties. During the stag party, the striptease usually is a surprise for the man about to get married.

Striptease Prague

If you are looking for an erotic entertainment in a form of striptease in Prague, we would recommend visiting Prague strip clubs or night clubs. The majority of strip clubs in Prague is located in Ve Smeckach Street. This red light district offers a wide variety of different shows that are a guarantee of good entertainment. Prague strippers are mostly professionals not lacking basic dancing skills. Prague strippers have perfect body and seductive costumes. They are able to get undressed in a way that will not leave a single man cold. Men can mostly pay a little extra and touch the stripper, there are certain limits though, and it all depends on the establishment and particular stripper. Strip clubs Prague often make an ideal environment for business meetings where people bring their business partners and let them enjoy the show of naked women. All this might make the signing of contract easier. Striptease performances are undergoing certain changes and constantly develop into more and more attractive performance. Pole dance Prague could make a nice representation of such improvement. Pole dancers perform incredible pole dance and stunts. You can watch woman’s body from different and unusual angles that none of the common erotic shows offer.

Striptease at Home – How to do it?

In case you are looking for an unusual way how to make your partner happy and spice up your sexual life, there is no better way than performing a good striptease. The striptease performance is very seductive and sexy. If you want to look like a professional stripper, you have to follow certain steps. The main thing is your high self-confidence. If you think that you do not look sexy when doing the striptease, you can be sure that you will not look sexy either. Men are aroused by seductively moving female bodies, believe in yourself. You have to plan your striptease performance ahead of time and look after yourself a bit more than usual; you will be surprised how good you will look. The right clothing makes half of the success of the striptease. Sexy lace bra and perfectly fitting thongs will stimulate your partner more than anything else. The strippers also use a variety of accessories like bracelets, scarves or beads that make the stripper look chic. Music is also an important component of every striptease. Select the music you like for your private striptease. This will make your striptease performance easier for you. Let the music move your body, devote yourself only to you and sometimes touch your partner. The timing is also very important when performing striptease. If your striptease performance lasts longer than usual, your partner may not be able to stand it and would want to make love before you get fully undressed. The intimate atmosphere could be evoked by the right selection of dim lights or candles. The rest is up to you…

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