6. 6. 2014

Stag party

stag party pragueThe summer is comming – and wedding season is in full swig. That’s the ideal time for stag party! Notwithstanding in nowdays it can’t be said newlyweds are married forever, definitely it is unforgetable life event.

It is usually women who enjoy the wedding day like day of theit life. They organize everything, they’re planning, making lists… Men not always share such enthusiasm, nevertheless the more they enjoy the stag party.

If you want to arrange a stag party to your friend, definitely there must not be missing women. And even if you know that your friend wouldn’t like to “have fun” for the last time with any other girl before he get married, it doesn’t matter at all. Since you and all your friends are not getting merried. So you can enjoy the party as much as you can!

So what do you have to do to arrange an unforgettable stag party?

The most important point: WOMEN. At stag party there must be women. The more women the better. And in the best case such women who are willing to fulfill all your wishes.

For unforgettable stag party are the most suitable escort girls, to whom you give them some money, but you can be sure that you’ll have fun at the stag party, you will enjoy it and you won’t be bored. And that’s the point. Since stag party is not an every day affair.

Stag party can be held anywhere. If you have a free house, it is great. Anyway donť forget that after a good stag party a cleaning will take some time.

Stag party in the flat is a good choice too, but regarding disturbing the night peace and misunderstanding of your neighbours it doesn’t have to be the best solution. Anyway there are night clubs offering the stag party in their place. So this is a great choice. Since you have both great space and beautiful girls in the same place

The only negative thing which can meet you after the stag party is a headache or morning sickness. But the experience and stories to tell are definitely worthy…or instead of alcohol use the presence of beautiful girls. Feelings will be great as well and you will avoid the headache.

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  1. Mathieu says:


    We are having a stag party here in prague for the week end. How much would it be per girl and per hour to have a party tomorrow evening at our place?


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