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16. 8. 2013

Stag Party: Prague is the Place!

Prague is a Stag Party Paradise

stag-party-praguePrague, often called the mother of towns, is the capital of Czech Republic. Prague is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Those who have visited Prague will surely confirm this fact. Prague has lately also become the stag party capital. Spending a stag party in Prague is favoured by many young men from the Western Europe (especially form England) or America. In case you are interested why Prague has become the stag party capital, I will explain. There are several reasons for Prague being the stag party capital. Fundamental is that Prague offers the stag party participants all the necessary prerequisites to make their stag party unique. In Prague you can experience the action atmosphere, favourable prices, bars and clubs stay open late and what is the most important, you can meet the most beautiful women from all over the world. Other cities offer beaches or liberal drug policies, which Prague does not have, but overall environment for stag parties in Prague is truly unbeatable. The statute of Prague being the European stag party capital could not be overtaken by another city.

Tips on Why to Choose Prague as a Stag Party Venue

The majority of young men prefer Prague for its unique and beautiful women and unbeatable beer. This fact is quoted in many reviews of Prague and we have to agree that the references are right, Czech girls are very good looking and the beer tastes incredibly well. The reasons why stag party in Prague is the best are many. Prague offers a lot. Prague is a bustling cultural town. Stag party Prague participants will also appreciate an untouched architecture of Prague that was not destroyed during WWII. Important for stag party are the prices that on the one hand have risen up a bit, but on the other would still not ruin your stag party budget. The beer costs approximately CZK50 which equals to about $2. Prague offers beautiful slim and tall women with sharp features. This fact will surely be of importance concerning your stag party; it will surely spice it up. Believe that in case you will make them a pleasant company, they will surely be happy to talk to you, and you may also experience a bit more than that.

Why Prolonging your Stay and Making Prague your Home?

In case you like Prague during your stag party, there is nothing easier than staying here and trying to live in Prague. The city of Prague is located in the Czech Republic which is culturally very different from UK or US. The difference is not only in the lifestyle, but also the in the countryside and character of people. As mentioned above, Prague is the right place for stag parties because of the never-ending fun. This is also a reason why many foreigners choose to live in Prague. The life in Prague is different. The life in Prague is slower; in the Czech Republic in general the rules are not that strict as in the west and the Czechs like fun and entertainment. Prague is not only the place to have a stag party; it is also a place where there is a good business environment. The proof is that many international companies have made Prague their seat. The prices are not only favourable for stag parties but also for business. Prague offers cheaper real estates that foreigners could invest into. Some people might refrain from Prague due to the weather, but the opposite is true, the winters are not that harsh and both springs and autumns bring a very pleasant weather to Prague. We would recommend you the time from April to October as ideal time for stag party in Prague because there is no better time than that. Night time in Prague in this period of the year is truly beautiful.

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