27. 4. 2015

First time at swingers

17474068_blogDo you want to go take a look at swingers party and you haven’t been to one yet? What could you expect? Overcome your worries and get an unforgettable night full of emotions and excitement. Leave your worries and fears at home and enjoy swingers to the fullest!

Many clubs in Prague are hosting swingers. We’re trying to inform you about them as early as we can. Enter a different world, a world of swingers. We were also visiting one and this is how it went.

First time at Swingers party

We’re arriving to club with company. Everyone was smiling and we’re going through hall to the main room. That’s when the atmosphere of swingers club hit us in the face, dim lighting, music. We’re going to cloakroom, we get our own cabinets and we dress off. It’s followed by welcome drink, that is prepared at the bar, and also tour through the club. We get informations about process of swingers party.

We can divide visitors of swingers into three groups. First category are couples, that are in contact only with their partners and they are there just for the atmosphere. Second group are couples that are looking for a chance to meet other couple, someone new, and they’re able to spend the whole night only in 4. The last category are people who like to change their partners, bigger groups or different situations. But everyone’s respectful and no one is being forced to do anything they don’t want to do.

Everything is about communication. No means No, there’s no problem is saying that. For new couple there is also a room, where no one else can enter and they can look into other rooms from their own one.

Swingers is a different world and you don’t have to be afraid to step in. Follow events in Prague and visit swingers!

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  1. Michael says:

    Me and my wife are interested in swinging for the first time would like to find a Merry black couple that swing

  2. jake says:

    we are a couple…how can i find a couple to invite to my house?

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