6. 5. 2015

Erotic fair 2015

Have you ever been to an erotic fair? Either in Prague or abroad, Erotic fairs are popular and have many visitors.

Erotic fair presents hundreds of companies from the world of erotics, you’ll find here everything, that has something in common with erotica. This year you can look forward to erotic fair EROFEST on 24. and 25. October in hotel Diplomat Praha.

Erotic fair EROFEST will take place during the last weekend of October in exhibition halls of hotel Diplomat. This erotic fair will not be only about sex, but also sexy underwear, plastic surgery and more things about erotica.

Erotic fair EROFEST will present to you news from the world of erotica and sex toys, fashion trends, sexy underwear, stimulants, but also plastic surgery, jacuzzis, tattoos and costumes will be presented.

Erotic fair EROFEST is not meant only for men, but for example for couples, who’d like to learn something new about the world of erotica. Erotic fair EROFEST has also prepared evening program.

Erotic fair EROFEST will also have special worldwide known star, actress Tarra White, who will also take care of the main evening program. You can look forward to fashion shows, competitions, cocktail bars and snack, school of seduction, fetish zone and many beautiful hostesses and promoters.

Evening program of the erotic fair EROFEST will be prepared in one of the biggest clubs in Prague – Hany Bany. Here you can expect hot performances for men and women, topless and erotic show.

Erotic fair 2015 will be worth it!

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